Göller ve Dağlar

The geography of the Republic of Tajikistan is mountainous with heights above sea level varying between 300 and 7495 meters. Mountains belonging to the highest ranges of Central Asia make up 93% of the total area of the country. There is the Farghona valley in the north, while in the northwest and the central parts there are the Turkmenian, Zarafshon, Hisor and Oloy mountain ranges. The southeast boasts the impressive Pomir range (its highest mountain, the Somoni's Peak, with an altitude of 7495 meters, is one of the highest summits of the world); while the southwest has the Vakhsh, Hisor and other valleys.

                              The highest mountains
                        Height above sea level, meters

         I.Somoni's Peak                                     7495
         Abuali Ibn Sino's Peak                            7134
         Korjenevskaya's Peak                             6974
         Moscow's Peak                                      6785
         K.Marx's Peak                                       6726
         Garmo's Peak                                        6595
         Soviet Officer's 
         Peak                                                     6233
         Engel's Peak                                          6510
         Vudor's Peak                                          6132
         North Muzkol's Peak                               6128
         Mayakovskiy's Peak                               6096
         Pakhor's Peak                                        6083

The Republic of Tajikistan has an abundance of lake's and rivers. There are about 947 rivers longer than 10 kilometers with a total length of more than 28500 kilometers. The rivers account for 60% of all hydro-resources of central Asia.

The longest rivers (length, km through the territory of Tajikistan)

Panj                                              921
Amu-darya                                     65 
Sir-darya                                       185 
Zerafshan                                      306 
Bartang - Murghab                         491 
Vakhsh                                         524
Kofarnihon                                     387
Gund                                            296

Tajikistan's high mountains accommodate great supplies of ice and snow. The line of perpetual snow is situated at height between 3500 and 3600 meters in the west and rises up to 5800 meters in the east. The total area of the glaciers in Tajikistan covers more than 8476 square kilometers. There are over the thousand registered glaciers with a length of more than 1.5 kilometers. Sixteen glaciers (such as Fedchenko and Grumm-Grzymailo glaciers) have length of more than 16 kilometers.

                                                     Main glaciers

                                          Square, km2                         Capacity, km³

Fedchenko                               156,0                                      93,6
Garmo                                     114,6                                        ---
Vitkovskiy                                50,2                                        6,882
Academy of sciences 
of the USSR                             48,0                                        5,242
Nalivkin                                    45,2                                        8,588
Bivachiy                                   37,0                                        8,05
Grumm-Grzhimailo                    37,0                                       19,84

Tajikistan also abounds in lakes. There are some 1300 lakes with a total surface area of 705 km2. Karakul, Sarez and Yashikul are the largest expanses to have been created naturally. The lakes are mainly located at height of 3500 meters.

                            Largest lakes (surface area, km2)

Karakul                                                                            380,0
Sarez                                                                               79,64
Zorkul                                                                               38,9
Yashikul                                                                           38,0
Shorkul                                                                            16,3

Largest reservoirs          Surface area, km2             Capacity,mln.m3

Kairokum                               520,0                                  4160
Norak                                    106,0                                 10500

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