Top-level meetings and negotiations between Tajikistan and Russiа

Top-level meetings and negotiations between Tajikistan and Russiа


The issues related to inter-state relations in various spheres and the strategic partnership between Tajikistan and Russia were discussed in detail at the top level talks with the participation of official delegations of the two countries.

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon personally and on behalf of the Tajik people expressed gratitude to the Russian Federation for the fact that outstanding merits of the top leadership of Tajikistan in the development and strengthening of multifaceted bilateral relations have been appreciated with the highest Russian award - Order of Alexander Nevsky, and called this step a symbolic and historic event in the year of the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Tajikistan and Russia.

It was emphasized that the Tajik side considers its friendly relations and strategic partnership with the Russian Federation among the foreign policy priorities and is optimistic about their further successful, effective development and steady expansion.

Particular attention was paid to the strengthening of interstate cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, investment, energy, transport, agriculture, migration, science and education, culture, tourism and cooperation between regions, cities and districts of the two countries.

It was noted that the Russian Federation has a leading position in the foreign trade with the Republic of Tajikistan. The volume of trade between the two countries, taking into account the impact of external factors, amounted to more than 1 billion US dollars in 2016.

In the process of interstate cooperation in the field of energy, special attention was paid to strengthening of the integration in the oil and gas sector, it has expressed interest in increasing the volume of investments in the construction of small and large-scale priority projects.

The parties expressed their constructive ideas on strengthening ties to create favorable conditions in order to increase the volume of export of quality agricultural products of Tajikistan to Russia, and in this regard, it was stressed the importance of strengthening direct relations between regions, cities and districts of the two countries.

At the highest level talks to address cooperation in the field of migration issues it was requested to revise the decision on deportation and prohibition of entry of citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan with minor administrative offenses, from the territory and to the territory of the Russian Federation, and to apply amnesty for these citizens.

Expanding the creation of educational institutions, more advanced study of the Russian language, the increase in educational quotas in higher educational institutions of Russia for citizens of Tajikistan, training of specialists of culture and creativity, and promoting cooperation in scientific, cultural and artistic circles have been named among the most important areas of interstate cooperation in the fields of science, education and culture.

It was emphasized that the exchange of experience of tourist companies and agencies of Tajikistan and Russia, attraction of investments in the improvement of tourism infrastructure in Tajikistan can play an effective role in enhancing the status of tourism in the process of mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

The parties called the strengthening of security cooperation, interaction in military and military-technical spheres between the two states among the important means to enhance military training, strengthening technical base and defense power of units of the Tajik armed forces, and stressed that the strengthening of cooperation in this direction can play an active role in protection of the state border of Tajikistan with Afghanistan, ruthless struggle against international terrorism and extremism, transnational crime, illegal drug trafficking, and ensure security and stability throughout the region.

It was expressed satisfaction with the regional and international cooperation of Tajikistan and Russia within the framework of the UN, CIS, CSTO and SCO.

Systematic and effective continuation of the dialogue at the highest political level, the closeness and coincidence of positions of the two countries on major regional and international issues has been called an important factor in the development of mutually beneficial strategic relations.

A constructive discussion was also held on other issues of mutual interest.

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